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FAMEFilipino Arts & Music Ensemble (FAME) in Brooklyn, New York, contributes to the preservation, presentation, and promotion of the arts and musical heritage of the people of Filipino descent in New York and neighboring states. It was organized on August 8, 2003 by Maria Bella Locsin and Maria Ruth Manligoy. Their objective is to preserve a rich culture that can be handed from generation to generation while promoting better relationships between children and their Filipino-American parents within diverse ethnic communities.

The Filipino Arts & Music Ensemble provides a variety of programs that support musical growth and creative achievement:

The FAME Rondalla String Ensemble is composed of five different 14-string instruments (Banduria, Octavina, Laud, Bass, Picolo). These are played by children, ages four to sixteen, under Musical Director Hector Martinez. Renditions of famous Philippine music as well as Western European symphonies make the ensemble unique, winning the admiration of politicians, dignitaries, and the community at large.

The Folk Dance program instructs students in the folk dances that depict rich ethnicity of Philippine culture from different regions of the country. The mastery of this expression gives the children self-confidence, grace, and respect for their indigenous heritage.

To utilize the accomplished concepts and knowledge of music and dance programs, the students are broadening their capabilities, experience, and creative achievement by learning theatre and its discipline in a formal productions structure.

Check out the FilAm Events for their upcoming events.


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I’m a designer/artist/actress based in Los Angeles. I always wanted to connect with other artists for networking and collaboration. One of my goal is to help Filipino American artists become more visible to the general public.

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  1. Good Day po!

    I am a Lyndell John Rivera. a member of Himig Singers Association of Southern Mindanao. Like your group, the Himig Singers shall dedicate themselves to the pursuit of professionalism and excellence in choral performance, with the goal of showcasing the Filipino’s innate musicality and artistry. I would like to ask sir if maybe you could help us find a people who are willing to accommodate and arrange singing engagement for us in the US. We are scheduled to go to US on November for a 5 months concert tour and we are trying to find Filipino or American groups/association that are willing to help us.

    You can visit the groups website or contact for more information.

    Thank You and Hope to Hear from you soon.

    Lyndell John Rivera
    Baritone-Himig Singers

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