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Allan Pineda Lindo better known as apl.de.ap, is an original member and the main composer of the American hip-hop group and three-time Grammy-award winning The Black Eyed Peas from Los Angeles, California.

His father was a U.S. airman stationed at nearby Clark Air Base, and his mother, Cristina Pineda, raised him and his siblings in their small barrio in Pampanga, Philippines. He moved to the United States at the age of 14 sponsored by Pearl S. Buck Foundation.

Music had always been part of Apl’s life, his early influences having been Stevie Wonder, The Eagles, The Beatles, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Leaders of the New School and the popular Filipino rock/folk group, Asin. Hip-hop was part of Apl’s life from his youth, through break dancing, “I would take the jeepney all the way to Angeles City, and that’s how I got introduced to break dancing,” he said. “I would see kids at the corner break-dancing and I’m like, ‘I wanna do that.’”

They then teamed up and formed a break-dancing crew called Tribal Nation and were regularly performing at Southern California parties and events. As their partnership evolved, they added another MC, Mookie Mook, performer Dante Santiago and producer DJ Motiv8 (part of the group from 1992-1995) and the name of their crew turned into Atban Klann (ATBAN stands for “A Tribe Beyond a Nation”), and became part of L.A.’s hip-hop/break-dance circuit, eventually being signed onto Eazy-E’s label, Ruthless Records. Their debut album, “Grass Roots,” was never released because Easy-E died before they could put the album out.

He explains his life story in a song called “The Apl Song” found on the Peas’ 2003 album Elephunk (track 11). This song has a full chorus in Tagalog (Filipino) taken from the Asin song “Balita.” “Coming from the Philippines my whole goal was to support my family and have a better living situation,” he said. “Trying to pursue my dream took up a lot of my time, and I got separated from my family a little bit … I was separated from my brothers and sisters. Some good things happened to them and some bad things happened to some of them.” This is in reference to the suicide of his younger brother Arnel, a heartbreaking event he recalls in the song. Its accompanying video, which reached number one in the Philippines, with its cameo appearances by fellow Fil-Ams, Dante Basco and Chad Hugo, is also a tribute to the Filipinos who fought for the U.S. in World War II.

“Bebot” is another all-Tagalog song on 2005′s Monkey Business album. A music video for “Bebot” was filmed in early July 2006 and premiered online on August 4, 2006. The video was directed by Patricio Ginelsa (Kid Heroes Productions) who also directed “The Apl Song” and produced the Filipino-American coming of age movie, “The Debut”. The Bebot music video was filmed in various locations in Los Angeles, CA, one location including Kenneth Hahn Park, where Dr. Dre’s “Nothing But A G Thang” video was also filmed. The term “Bebot” is Filipino slang for “pretty woman”. The video for Bebot features primarily Filipinos, Filipino Americans and other Asian-Americans from the Los Angeles area. The single was not released in the US but was in the Philippines and several other Asian countries.

In the future, apl.de.ap is also planning to release a solo album of his own.”

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