BakitWhy Beach BBQ

BakitWhy | Pilipin@ American Lifestyle is a fresh online community dedicated to uniting Pilipino-Americans and friends globally. Whether it’s connecting to our pamilya back home, or creating discussion with our kaibigan in the states, BakitWhy serves as a complete outlet, forum, and network for all Pilipino-American interests.

BakitWhy asks “why?” in Tagalog and English, languages which represent the duality of identity for Pilipino-Americans. We hope to stimulate the minds of inquisitive Pilipino-Americans around the world through fun and/or insightful posts and discussion. Likewise, we hope that Pil-Ams can utilize BakitWhy to strengthen local communities, bring up important global and local issues, and enhance their network of friends and allies.

As contributor to this online community, I’m really excited to get to know this group. They do reach out to the Filipino American community by being present to the events and not just having an “online presence.” As I mentioned before in my other blogs, it’s really important to network within your community. It benefits everyone and shows the best side of human nature.

BakitWhy Beach BBQ

So, come and join me this Saturday, Aug 23, from 11am – 9pm. Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy. Food and entertainment will be provided and will continue through until night time with a bonfire. Feel free to bring friends and/or something to share. See you there!

Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach, CA between Piers 24 and 25. Look for the tent with the big BakitWhy banner.

Parking is $10 for the beach lots, but there’s also free first-come-first-serve parking at the nearby Jack in the Box.

What to bring
You, towel, shovel, sand pail, body/boogie board, any food you want to share, your friends, mom, lolo.

You can check the out at


About the Author

I’m a designer/artist/actress based in Los Angeles. I always wanted to connect with other artists for networking and collaboration. One of my goal is to help Filipino American artists become more visible to the general public.

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  1. Thanks Thea! You come out next time ya??

  2. Of course! I’ll look forward to the next events. It’s just that I already signed up to attend the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) & EWP’s One Night Only, way ahead of time. I’ll republish those events on so watch out for that :)

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